Coaching Skills Training for Managers

Coaching Skills for Managers

We deliver high quality Training and Coaching Programmes for Organisations, tailored to your specific needs.

The purpose of this training is to provide Managers with the coaching skills needed to create and sustain powerful alliances with their colleagues and team members.  Through this training, participants will gain tools, principles and skills to empower themselves and others to succeed in the areas of collaboration, communication and goal achievement. 

Topics Include:

  • The role and objectives of a well-trained coach; how coaching is different from consulting, mentoring and counseling.
  • Why it is so difficult for people to take action on new ideas, and what can be done about it. 
  • Learn a definition of success that, if implemented, drives results as well as collaboration, inclusion, and greater fulfillment.
  • Learn the “rules of engagement” for bringing a vision into reality with ease.
  • Discern and move past the “internal self-limiting conversations”.
  • Learn why our experiences and interactions are shaped by the conclusions we focus on, and discover how to shift our attention to conclusions that will empower us.
  • Adopt a way of seeing and interacting with others that will consistently build trust and produce empowering results.
  • Gain a new, more consistently empowering way of defining, setting, and supporting others to set goals.
  • Learn and gain skill in using empowering questions in your work with others.
  • Discover how to support others in moving forward past internal and external obstacles with greater ease.
  • See how to harness the art of acknowledgment to build trust and reinforce positive action.

What Distinguishes This Approach

My approach combines proven principles, practical tools, and pragmatic skills, so you can immediately start producing the results you are seeking.  These include clarity & alignment around vision & goals, more focus & ease in taking effective action.

Whereas a mentor, consultant, or traditional skills trainer shares valuable expertise and wisdom in a particular area, as a coach and coaching skills trainer, I will give you tools, skills, and support to consistently draw upon your own innate strengths and wisdom — across every area of your work. 

I am rigorously trained, certified, and licensed as a professional coach and trainer, in a coaching model designed, refined, and delivered with life-changing impact to thousands of people over two decades by the Academy for Coaching Excellence (ACE).  ACE is a world-class coaching training organization accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF), the leading credentialing body in the coaching profession.


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"We as a team learned how to utilise our time better leading to greater efficiency and how to maximise our client relationships no matter what the situation. One and a half years later we frequently use the ‘Green Lens’ tool to effectively resolve conflicts immediately so we can get back to what’s important within the team. Janet is friendly, enthusiastic and professional in the way she imparts her knowledge and we felt she really saw the best in us. She was supportive to individual needs but never at the expense of the group as a whole"

Douglas & the team at Loch Fyne Financial, Glasgow, Scotland

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