Personal Coaching in Times of Transition

Coaching for Transitions

Turning times of change into brilliant opportunities

Your Journey

Whether you are at a point of choosing change or are having change thrust upon you, eg redundancy, retirement, career change, business start up, coaching can help you create an exciting new future with courage and confidence.

Preparing for the Journey

Uncover your true potential.

  • Identify your core strengths and values and see the genuine significance of who you really are
  • Find out what your individual contribution in life looks like. Hint: its what comes easily to you, what you enjoy

Defining your destination

Find a direction that reflects your unique sense of purpose.

  • Identify your goals
  • Create strategies to achieve your goals

The Journey

This is the Action part where you will take the necessary steps to achieve your goals. Coaching will ensure that you:

  • Take one small step at a time
  • Get support along the way
  • Clear up unfinished business
  • Acknowledge your successes

The Destination

You have been on a hero's journey. You:

  • Have achieved a meaningful goal
  • Have celebrated your success
  • Have grown as a person
  • Are ready for your next adventure!


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Coaching helps me get clear about the next step in my business. When I’ve been confused, coaching with Janet has brought clarity to decisions and processes.

Coaching has given me the confidence to develop my business and the courage to take calculated risks and my business has grown significantly. It has helped to facilitate and clarify my vision for the business.  When conflicts have arisen in the staff team coaching has offered an opportunity to look at the conflicts creatively and to resolve then successfully, to allow business to move forward.

It has helped me to have a broader understanding of relationships and encourages me to view people in a way that has been constructive in personal and business life.  With coaching my life has changed significantly and positively.  I would recommend coaching as a life-changing experience and having someone like Janet to work with in this way is like having a safety net and guru/mentor all rolled into one! Janet is insightful, intelligent compassionate and clear and appropriately challenging!

Chris Daniels Director, Slapstick Festival

Chris Daniels, Director, Slapstick Festival, Bristol UK

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