Business and Executive Coaching

Business Coaching

Enabling you to get the results you want in your business whilst bringing meaning, relevance and value to your work. 

What You Get 

You will: 

  • gain clarity and focus on what’s important for your business
  • identify your core strengths and values that make you and your business unique
  • create a distinctive, clear vision for your business that inspires and engages you
  • formulate and achieve goals that will express your vision in physical reality

With coaching support, you will take clear steps to meet your goals whilst moving through the obstacles that have kept you back till now.

You will have the opportunity to grow as a person, as you meet and overcome the challenges on your path; developing resilience for yourself and your business along the way.

When you follow our 4-step coaching system you are guaranteed to achieve successful results so you can have a business to be proud of.

Executive & Leadership Coaching

Enabling you to bring forth the best in yourself, no matter what challenges come your way, so you become an irreplaceable asset to your organisation and your team.

What You Get 

Our executive coaching programme supports you to:

  • create a clear vision for the way ahead
  • improve interpersonal and professional communication 
  • develop strategies for growth/greatness 
  • achieve clear professional goals
  • break through your limiting beliefs (we all have them)
  • appreciate the contribution you already make
  • focus your attention on what’s really important 
  • manage your energy more effectively 
  • deal with conflict in an empowering way
  • be more engaged and motivated to achieve your goals
  • grow in confidence and courage to meet life’s challenges
  • improve specific skills such as communication, delegation, team building
  • maintain creativity in stressful situations

What I Offer

Janet Macdonald Coaching offers a safe, confidential space for exploration and discovery. I will help you see and develop your strengths and use them to best effect. You will have someone in your corner who totally believes in your commitment, even in the difficult times when you want to give up on yourself or your plans. I will act as an objective sounding board for your ideas and aspirations. To ensure your success, I will support you to formulate meaningful goals and to consistently take positive action to achieve them. I will teach you to see the best in others so they will be inspired and motivated through your communication with them.  

What I Expect from You

  • You are willing to explore new ways of doing things, even when you are unsure of the outcome.
  • You are prepared to learn from your mistakes.
  • You are willing to invest in yourself and your organisation, so that you and your organisation can develop and grow.  
  • You are willing to take authentic actions to meet your goals.

Benefits of Coaching

Our coaching achieves the following benefits:

  • improved productivity
  • strong team building
  • increased profitability
  • resilience in the face of change 
  • corporate culture improvement 
  • enriched and enhanced communication 
  • easier succession planning 
  • greater accountability and a more results-oriented environment 
  • improved quality of relationships and collaboration

Coaching enables you to go from good to great and become the go-to company for your particular product or service.

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To find out how I can help you move forward with clarity, focus and ease please call me on +44 1828 632110 or email me for a no-obligation confidential strategy session.


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Janet has supported me to reach goals in my coaching business and to be a successful business owner as well as a masterful coach. Janet has proven to be very joyous and warm and yet clear and challenging at the appropriate times in a positive and very supportive way in our sessions. I can highly recommend Janet as a Coach trainer.  Catrine

Catrine Berndtson, Stockholm, Sweden

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