Testimonials for Janet MacDonald Coaching

Janet has supported me to reach goals in my coaching business and to be a successful business owner as well as a masterful coach. Janet has proven to be very joyous and warm and yet clear and challenging at the appropriate times in a positive and very supportive way in our sessions. I can highly recommend Janet as a Coach trainer.  Catrine www.stelena.se

Catrine Berndtson, Stockholm, Sweden

Coaching helps me get clear about the next step in my business. When I’ve been confused, coaching with Janet has brought clarity to decisions and processes.

Coaching has given me the confidence to develop my business and the courage to take calculated risks and my business has grown significantly. It has helped to facilitate and clarify my vision for the business.  When conflicts have arisen in the staff team coaching has offered an opportunity to look at the conflicts creatively and to resolve then successfully, to allow business to move forward.

It has helped me to have a broader understanding of relationships and encourages me to view people in a way that has been constructive in personal and business life.  With coaching my life has changed significantly and positively.  I would recommend coaching as a life-changing experience and having someone like Janet to work with in this way is like having a safety net and guru/mentor all rolled into one! Janet is insightful, intelligent compassionate and clear and appropriately challenging!

Chris Daniels Director, Slapstick Festival www.slapstick.org.uk

Chris Daniels, Director, Slapstick Festival, Bristol UK

"We as a team learned how to utilise our time better leading to greater efficiency and how to maximise our client relationships no matter what the situation. One and a half years later we frequently use the ‘Green Lens’ tool to effectively resolve conflicts immediately so we can get back to what’s important within the team. Janet is friendly, enthusiastic and professional in the way she imparts her knowledge and we felt she really saw the best in us. She was supportive to individual needs but never at the expense of the group as a whole" www.lochfynefinancial.com

Douglas & the team at Loch Fyne Financial, Glasgow, Scotland

As a coach, Janet is direct as well as supportive and always professional. My coaching sessions with her were thought provoking and more importantly, provoked thoughts that lead to actions! Margaret Scott, Owner, mbsgraphicdesign.com

Margaret Scott, Edinburgh

Janet’s infectious enthusiasm combined with her clear coaching model empowers others to reach their potential. She uses determined questioning techniques to identify the real barriers to growth and offers support and guidance to move forward. Her honest feedback is delivered in a very gentle manner that both motivates and inspires. Her skills are suited to one-to-one and group sessions and she demonstrates a particular empathy for the challenges faced by business owners and entrepreneurs. www.yourscotspast.co.uk

Merle Palmer, Professional Genealogist & Family Historian at Your Scots Past, Burrelton, Perthshire

Janet will help you cut through the chaff to focus on what you need to do to grow your business with the added bonus of growing yourself.

I have run my own business for 9 years after spending over 20 years in the Royal Air Force in Senior Management. At the beginning of 2014, I was content ticking along in my business, on my own with no real focus but enjoying the lifestyle I had. Then something happened during 2014, I decided I wanted my business to grow and I started doing something about it, meeting Janet was one of those things.

Within the space of 2 or 3 sessions I had identified and set my Vision for the future and I had set steps to reach that vision. With Janet’s encouragement – she doesn’t tell you what to do, she enables you to both identify your vision and take steps to reach it – I have taken regular, manageable steps to grow my business aiming for my vision.

I now have a part time employee in 2 days a week and am already looking to take on another employee with a different required skillset. New business taken on in the past 3 months is almost 50% of last years’ total turnover. Janet’s support and regular sessions have directly assisted in me taking on that new business.

Her ability to help you focus on what really matters and to drop things that don’t contribute to a positive future means energy is spent on growing the future, not dwelling on the past or what might have been.

I wholeheartedly recommend Janet as a business coach and although we have focused on my business, her support has indirectly benefitted my personal confidence.

Graphite Web Solutions

Steve Johnson, Blairgowrie, Scotland